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Allow me to introduce myself properly. I go by Jan. Photography is my passion. I picked up the camera at 15 years old and have not let it go since. I have been photographing professionally for 7 years, along with obtaining a photography degree in 2016. I am most known for my intimate portraits of ladies. The imagery behind my photos are always of an empowered, confidant, & sexy human. 
The experience that I offer is centered around you! Have you ever been photographed professionally but felt disconnected from your photographer? I provide a personal, indulgent, and exclusive experience. Be rest assured that I will take care of you; from taking you out for coffee when we first meet to delivering your admirably packaged prints. 
Right now I divide my time between New York City and Houston, Texas. Because I grew up in both places, I’m able to provide the best of what these amazing cities have to offer. 
I surround myself with beautiful people and photography to create the feeling of pure freedom that I find in my daily life. I photograph because I love capturing people in the best light. More than that, I strive to create something that you never forget. 
I have great energy that I want to share with you. I do my best in making everyone I photograph feel comfortable because you can’t put a price on something you’ve never felt before. 
Let’s create something that lasts forever, message me!”