Finding the Right Outfits

Finding the Right Outfits

Finding outfits for your models can be a challenge when you’re building your portfolio! Shopping for clothes isn’t in my budget. Isn’t finding a reliable model hard enough? What you can do:

1. Create a mood board so your model can get an idea of the style you want to create. Ask her if she has or can buy a few similar options. Tell her to bring as many outfits as she can and you can put them together as you see fits.  Asking her to bring her favorite outfits helps because they’ll bring pieces they feel great in👗👠

2. I cannot stress how important it is to cross promote with local creatives and businesses. Every brand needs good content. You can reach out to local clothing stores and boutiques to offer your service as a photographer. You can even do an exchange where you take headshots of the employees in exchange for borrowing outfits to photograph. Do your research. Almost every brand that’s on the come up is on instagram and Facebook. I usually work with stylist @vgcreative101 she can find or design any look I’m going for. She’s always needs photos to promote her styling and has connections to other resources. The look you see here was put together by @touchemoi_ we first connected through instagram. I’m so grateful that her team is a returning client because @touchemoi_ lingerie is really top notch quality and design! Check out their page for sexy lingerie and more of my photos👙😇

It depends on how creative you can get with what you have. In the right setting and lighting you can make a lady look sexy in nothing but a bed sheet.

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