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elcome to the one of the most wonderful and empowering experiences you’ll experience as a woman: taking time, just for you, to perfectly capture your beauty and femininity in the form of fine art. Our studio works closely with you to emphasize and celebrate your unique beauty, and we can’t wait to show you how beautiful you are.

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oudoir photography has to do with catching intimate, sexy, lovely, and also sometimes naughty photographs with taste. It’s a growing pattern that’s getting in appeal, and a magnificent way to catch just how great you look for posterity or for a special someone.

Boudoir photography is a fantastic way to express your womanhood, attain a spike in confidence, all the while sharing your inner and also outer charm. Our customers inform us that they might initially really feel nervous prior to the shoot but they soon loosen up and also truly start to enjoy the experience, gaining in self-confidence all the time.

Thank you for trusting Contreras Boudoir – Top Rated Boudoir Photography Houston  for such an important and memorable experience. We know you’ll love every minute of it!

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WE TOTALLY GET IT—donning flirty lingerie and strutting your stuff like it’s your day job isn’t necessarily something you’re jumping to do. Luckily for you, this is our day job, and we’re here to capture those curves and that personality. We see every little bit of beauty you possess. Every single woman we’ve ever photographed has been exquisitely lovely—and the interesting thing? Each looks completely different. No worries if you’re not a supermodel (after all, who really is?); we’re here to capture what makes you so irresistible and uniquely special. From posing suggestions to flattering lighting, we’ll make sure you look your very best on the day of your boudoir session. We promise you’ll fall in love with your images!